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1, Xiamen Pu biotechnology limited company customer service service?
A: my company will be in line with all the interests of farmers as the basic point, pay attention to the work of the product. Companies will be targeted at different regions of the characteristics of regular training dealers. At the same time, the company will regularly stationed technicians to help dealers solve the actual problems encountered by farmers. Farmers if there is any problem, at any time to call the company's customer service phone: 0592-6536815.
2, where can I buy the company's products?
Answer: at present, in the steady growth and development in the country, with distribution points. Some are not covered by the network, customers can directly contact the company for purchase goods.
At present, we have Taobao network distribution agent: Some inconvenient to buy customers can direct online purchase.
3, to the dealer delivery caused damage to do?
Answer: after the dealer purchase, the company will arrange the logistics timely delivery. Dealers in the consignment first inspection, such as the discovery of the damaged cargo, leakage and other damage, please contact the company, the company will make proper arrangements for the replenishment. If you do not direct delivery inspection, delivery after damaged companies will not be able to make logistics to compensate for the losses, will not be able to arrange the replenishment.
5, want to sell the company products, how to contact?
A: want to sell the company's products, please contact the company sales manager, the company has a sound distribution system, the maximum protection of the interests of the dealers, do a good job market support.